Beginners Guide To Vaping

Having a Cigar on the mouth and shouting Peter Parker to bring the pictures of Spider-man may look cool on cinema, but the bad effects caused by the tobacco is an undeniable fact. Switching from Smoking to Vaping is not considered by many smokers because they don’t know where to start. Here is a small guide for you if you are a beginner and looking forward to joining the Vape community,

It is a scientifically proven fact that Vaping is a much healthier alternative option than Smoking. Vaping is the act of inhaling the liquid and exhaling the smoke with a pen-like a device called as “Vape Pen” or other devices that we will discuss later. The liquid for the Vapor device is filled with Nicotine, which consists of propylene or glycerin. These liquids vaping devices are available in 800 different flavors such as Green Apple, Vanilla, Strawberry, etc. For the first time try some flavor that you are familiar with.

Why is Vaping better than Smoking?

Each day, a number of people decide to turn away from cigarettes. Various health campaigns, ads, and programs make them rethink their smoking habits. However, moving away from the addiction created by cigarette is not so easy. An alternative for a cigarette was needed to overcome the created addiction. Thus electronic devices which require vaping instead of smoking became famous. Vaping has now made popular owing to its use in reducing the harms of tobacco consumption. Various studies involving the health effects of vaping and smoking have arisen over the recent years. Though the conclusion in all of them was it is best to avoid both, they also stated that vaping is far better than smoking. The main reason to arrive at this result is the tobacco-less content in vaping devices. Earlier, the vaping devices contained some toxins like carbonyls and N-nitrosamines which were similar to the tobacco content in normal cigarettes. It raised health concerns among its users. However, new vaping devices have far less toxic content and hence act as the best alternative for cigarette smokers.

What are the types of Vaping Devices available?

Various vape devices are currently available in the market. The essential difference between them is based on the substances they heat up to produce smoke like effect. Based on this difference, the vape devices can be categorized into four.

E-liquid Vaporizers – E-liquid Vapor devices make use of the e-liquid which contains a low level of toxins. Upon heating liquid, the device would create a vapor which is inhaled by the user. E-liquid vapor devices are more common than the other vapor devices as they replicate the exact smoking feeling

Cartridge Vaporizers – Cartridge vaporizers vaporizes the poly foam dipped in e-liquid. You can buy these devices either in the use-and-throw unit or rechargeable unit. You can use the use-and-throw unit only once, while you refill the poly foam substance in a rechargeable unit.

Dry herb vaporizers – The dry herb vapor devices use dry herbs like tobacco or similar herbs and heats them to produce vapor which is then inhaled by the user. Dry herb vaporizing devices are also available in rechargeable units. You can fill up the device with dry herbs and inhale whenever you want.

Wax Vaporizers – Wax vapor devices are similar to other devices in construction but they heat up waxy oil substance to release the vapor for the user to inhale.

Some devices in the market are capable of heating up all the substances, thereby being multi-useful. Buying them would save money but you must definitely control the urge to vapor everything at once.

Where to find Vaping devices?

Vaping devices and E-liquids are available in the nearest shops, but it is recommended to buy it online. You can avail some great offers, and you can find a wide range of varieties. These vapors are tested for safety, and if you buy branded items, you will be assured of safety.

Some of the best-known websites for websites for the Vapor hardware and the E-liquid are,,,etc.

Your First Vaping Device

Consider the following before you choose your first vaping device

  • Find a device that is easy to maintain and provides good enough smoke flavors to satisfy one person. Make sure you find a compact vape pen for your first device.
  • You can decide on the flow of the vape, As a beginner, you can consider buying the vapor above 1.0 ohms if you are looking forward to quitting smoking.
  • Once you outgrow a device, you can go for the next levels of devices.
  • Try to find the device within your budget. There are other vapors and flavors are available on a very limited budget. Try it first to see if you like it.