Effects Of E-Liquids

With e-cigarette gaining considerable popularity and been a success in helping one to get rid of traditional smoking, there is quite a few choice for e-liquid. Our guide will help one to choose the best in the market which is good in taste and gives good vaping experience as well.

* Nicotine Content: This is the main ingredient to which one is addicted, there are many e-juices which have no nicotine and only flavor.can satiate the smoker and can be quite expedited one’s efforts to quit smoking.

* Nicotine Measurement: If you have opted for the electronic cigarette to get rid of smoking, then it is best to choose an E-Liquid which measures low in nicotine. Some prefer gradual weaning off, so there is no harm in selecting a liquid which has the lower level of nicotine and thus cannot hit on the head while vaping.

* Know your taste: E-liquid is known to support your efforts to fight tobacco smoking and can help you in quitting smoking. For this, you can depend on different flavors of e-liquid that are available in the market. There are several characters available for your e-cig, you can choose the one that is satisfying and feels good to your taste buds. There are flavors of butterscotch, strawberry and much more. You should check online about them.

* Know your reasons for choosing e-liquids: Clarity of thought is good, so when you are choosing an e-liquid you should be very clear about the fact that you would enjoy the taste. E-cig complements your efforts to quit smoking. So, a wrong choice can be quite depressing, and you would like to go back to your old habit. Hence it is important to be choosy with your selection of liquid.

* Certified E-liquids with 60/40 ratio: Those e-liquids which are in the 60/40 proportion are considered safe. There should be balance in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin as well as there should be proper pharmaceutical grading of nicotine level. With this gradation accurately marked one can expect to have good quality e-juice which can be instrumental in fighting the addiction of tobacco smoking.

The Pros
1. Eco and Lung Friendly

Smoking a regular cigarette causes significant harm to secondary smokers. If this is the case with someone who merely inhales what you’re smoking, imagine the havoc it would wreak on your lungs! Traditional tobacco-laced cigarettes not only harm your lungs and lead to diseases such as oral and lung cancer, but they also add their mite to polluting the environment. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are eco and lung-friendly. Since they don’t use tobacco and just give you the feeling of smoking a regular cigarette, they don’t pollute the air. Additionally, the cig e-liquid is either flavored or comes with an approved concentration of nicotine, so you’re not exposed to the damaging effects of tobacco. Nicotine content, too, is within accepted safety limits, and if you’re new to e-cigs, you can start off with a nicotine-infused liquid and slowly work your way down to a flavored, nicotine-free option.

2. Many Varieties Available Online

The varieties of e-cig liquid available online actually make you feel pampered. From regular tobacco flavors (although they don’t contain tobacco), down to creamy cheesecake or fruity strawberry flavors, you get to choose from a wide range of options. Additionally, you also get to slowly taper off your smoking habit and get off your nicotine addiction instead of feeling the wrench. Just choose a liquid with a higher nicotine concentrate and gradually reduce the percentage during your next purchase, and you won’t have to suffer from the withdrawal symptoms that usually accompany cessation of regular smoking.

3. Cost Effective

The most expensive electronic cigarette and refills of e-liquid are less expensive on the whole that your supply of regular cigarettes. Apart from the expenses of the actual product, you also save a great deal on health bills, and this is certainly viable in ways going beyond just your purchase. Additionally, with the growing number of manufacturers jumping in with different options, prices are always being slashed to attract new buyers, especially online.

4. Easy to Maintain

Since e-liquid does not leave behind residual ash, your e-cigarettes become easier to manage. Rather than having an ashtray lying around wherever you go, simply enjoy your smoke and slip your e-cig into your pocket.

The Cons

The primary reasons for the introduction of electronic cigarettes were convenience and health. The cons, therefore, are relatively few. While there are still many myths about these cigarettes, the truth remains that choosing the right cig e-liquid can help work around these cons.