The Market’s Top Three Best E Cigarettes

So you have been smoking for quite a while and you figured out its time you quit the cancer stick. Well, this is easier said than done. Or enjoying your regular puff is becoming more and more difficult as the space to have a quick smoke is disappearing by the day.

These are some of the reasons thousands of smokers in the US and the UK are trooping to e-cigs.

Electronic cigarettes were invented for the cigarette addict who is trying to quit smoking but just cannot gather enough willpower to finally quit. They look pretty much like your regular tobacco cigarettes except that they use battery power to boil a liquid of nicotine inside the device which then produce vapor that when inhaled, tastes just the same as regular tobacco smoke and gives the same satisfaction.

If you are trying to quit cigarettes for health reasons, then you seriously need to jump into the e-cig ship. This is because e-cigs, despite giving the same satisfaction, are much safer. The reason for this, researchers have proven, is because out of the over 5000 chemical ingredients contained in tobacco smoke, e-cigs eliminate a good chunk of them.

Additionally, a study on smokers who started using e-cigs for the purpose of completely quitting smoking found out that 31% of the sampled smokers quit the habit after six months or less.

Then there are those other reasons such as the fact that you can smoke your e-cig almost anywhere anytime and they won’t leave the after taste or odor in your mouth and clothes. Cool, right?

If you are a regular tobacco user, you probably is loyal to a certain brand that just does it for you. Now that you want to switch to the safe side, you are probably faced with the dilemma of who to choose in a market swarming with e-cigs of different brands. And a brand matters.

So, how to get started? You don’t have to go combing the market and turning stones in search for the e-cig that will suit your needs. Make your choice from the best E cigarette reviews available.

1. Halo E-cigs G6 Starter Kit

Halo-e cigs are a big brand and they have got some of the best e-juices and e-cigarette options for a variety of experiences. Their G6 Starter Kit was designed with the beginners in mind while the Triton Tank System Kit was made for the more experienced users. All in all, the Halo-e cig brand will give you value for money in terms of the sleek feel, battery life, vapor quality, durability and portability.

What’s more? The G6 Starter Kit comes pre-filled but with the option to fill the tank with your own e-liquid, meaning you are free to sample the range of e-liquids on offer.

Finally, this e-cig is very pocket friendly for a product of such superior quality.

2. V2 Electronic Cigarettes

V2 makes it second in this list because of their wide range of e-cig products. From beginner kits to more advanced models, you will love the V2 E-cigs. These guys seem to enjoy infusing technology into their products to give you a more tobacco-like when you draw in their vapors.

V2 is also one of the brands in the market today with great tasting e-liquids. Add this to the battery life and performance of their devices; you won’t regret acquiring a V2. Their V2 standard kit almost feels like a twin to a real cigarette, the reason why its popular today with people who want to quit smoking. They went ahead and added an extra 30mAh to the V2 Standard EX Kit, and that is something when battery life matters to you.

3. JUUL E-cigs

This one is touted as the Apple of E-juices and the reason for this comparison lies in the unique and sleek design of their sticks. It is also one of the simplest to use e-cigs available. They made sure to pack the e-cig with their own cartridge that contains nicotine salts to mimic the flavor of natural tobacco nicotine closely.

JUUL has yet to release another model of their e-cigs but with this one, you won’t be waiting in line for another product.

This product is quite a looker, durable and quite portable, and all that for a very affordable price.