Top Three Portable Vaporizers

When it comes to choosing the best portable vaporizer for your needs, you’ll want to consider several key factors in making your decision: What are you going to use the vaporizer for? What kind of vaporizer do you want? And finally, how much money are you willing to spend? In this portable vaporizer review, we’ll provide you with answers to these questions so you can determine the best possible vaporizer for your needs and wants. We’ll also review three popular vaporizers so you can make an informed choice when it comes time to buy your next portable vaporizer.

What are you going to use the vaporizer for? 

There are several choices for vaping products on the market today. Typically, vaporizer users want to use vaping tools to “vape” tobacco products, cannabis products, herbal products and glycerine-based products. Research has shown that using a vaporizer to filter these products tends to have less of an impact on a person’s overall health. What’s more, customers are reporting that they are feeling satisfied with less of the tobacco, cannabis or herbal products they are vaping.

What kind of vaporizer do you want? 

There are several vaporizer styles on the market today. There are e-cigarette vaporizers that resemble long metal or plastic cigarettes. Other portable vaporizers look more like boxes or short cylindrical devices. You’ll want to consider if you want something sleek and modern, which is discreet and very portable, or if you want something a little more robust that could be stored in a bag or glove box in your car, like a box vaporizer.

How much money do you want to spend?

This can be the kicker for a lot of vaporizer users: people tend to think that these portable devices are expensive, but when you compare them against the cost of a package of cigarettes, especially in North America, the cost is significantly less over time. Most portable vaporizers are going to run customers between $130 and $300 USD. This is the price range we looked at for the top three portable vaporizer review.

The Vaporizers

We’re going to look at the top portable vaporizers in three categories: e-cigarette style, box-style and cylindrical-style vaporizers.

Best E-Cigarette Portable Vaporizer:

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer $169USD

As far as e-cigarettes go, this sleek and modern portable vaporizer offers users enjoy dry herbs, oils and wax products easily on the go. It’s affordable price makes it a great entry-level vaporizer and its slim design makes it discreet. Despite it’s small size, the product is sturdy for portability and longevity. The battery on the V2 vaporizer is long lasting and the vaporizer provides a robust flavor experience for the user.

Best Box-style Portable Vaporizer: 

Haze V3 $299USD

The Haze V3 is a great option for vapers looking for a dual chamber to mix and match their vaping experiences. This portable vaporizer is good for dry blends, solids and liquids, or a combination of all three. It has a unique heater design and is available in number of colors. This patented technology offers convection and conduction heating options for maximum enjoyment.

Best Cylindrical-style Vaporizer:

PAX 2 $259USD

The Pax 2 is a cylindrical style portable vaporizer that packs a big punch in a little package. At the top of our price range, this vaporizer is best used for dry herbal vaping and reduces the overall smell of the herbs, while increasing the potency of the vaping taste and experience. It comes in a variety of colors and is quite discreet. The battery life on the vaporizer is efficient and makes vaping on the go easy and reliable.

Overall Thoughts

Whether you are looking for an e-cigarette style, box-style, or cylindrical-style portable vaporizer, these three vaporizers are a great place to start. Each offering a unique feature and style, plenty of battery life, and affordable price point, the only question left to ask is “which one do you want to buy?”

For it’s sleek design, affordability, multi-use vaping options and long battery life, we recommend the V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer as a starting point on your vaping journey. If you are new to vaping, starting with a portable vaporizer that offers multiple uses is a great way to find out which kind of vaping products you enjoy. If you start with a more expensive, limiting option vaporizer and find that you don’t enjoy dried herbs or oils, you will find yourself back at the drawing board and out some hard-earned money.